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Best Health Magazine
Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet (Summer 2015 issue)
Get More Done Without Losing It (Nov/Dec 2014 issue)
Who's a Warm Doggie? (Nov/Dec 2014 issue)
5 Human Foods Your Dog Can Eat (October 2014 issue)
Ruff Life, Eh? (September 2014 issue)
No Smoke, No Fire? (September 2014 issue)
Can We Talk? Five Things You Must Ask Your Mom (May 2014 issue)
Special Dogs Indeed (March/April 2014 issue)
Don't Die of Embarrassment (January/February 2014 issue)
Obesity and Your Pet (January/February 2014 issue)
Chilled to Perfection (November/December 2013 issue)
14 Foods You Shouldn't Keep in the Fridge (Nov/Dec. 2013 issue)
Crazy For Nuts (November/December 2013 issue)
Be a Plugged-In Pet Owner (October 2013 issue)
Will Your Dog Be a Happy Camper (Summer 2013 issue)
Fright Free Vet Visits (May 2013 issue)
Taming Your Cat's Claws (Mar/April 2013 issue)
Get Pumped About Getting Fit (Jan/Feb 2013 issue)
Do-Good Doggies (Jan/Feb 2013 issue)
No Mistletoe Required (December 2012 issue)
Why You Shouldn't Overfeed Your Cat (November 2012 issue)
Four Legged Frights (October 2012 issue)
Unlock the Secrets of Your Family Tree (September 2012 issue)
Mouth to Snout Resuscitation (September 2012 issue)
Does Your Dog Paddle (Summer 2012 issue)
Don't Let Curiosity Kill Your Cat or Dog (May 2012 issue)
Brush Up (March/April 2012 issue)

Best Health Magazine.ca
5 Reasons to Use Wearable Technology
6 Health Benefits of Eating Cauliflower
6 Surprising Foods Bursting with Plant Protein
5 Ways Texting is Bad for Your Health
8 Bad Excuses Not to Wear Sunscreen
5 Things That Could Disrupt Your Period
How to Donate Hair For Cancer Patients
7 Myths About Women and Heart Disease
7 Myths About Influenza and the Flu Shot
Top Health, Fitness and Wellness Trends for 2015
5 Bad Habits That Are Causing You to Gain Weight
8 Secrets You Should Disclose to Your Gynecologist
Are You Ignoring Your Breasts' Health?
8 Sleep Stealers to Avoid
8 Eating Habits That Can Aggravate Anxiety
9 New Rules for Sunscreen
10 Ideas for an Amazing Canadian Staycation
7 Reasons You Really Should Take Your Lunch Break
10 Teeth Whitening Mistakes to Avoid
6 Contraception Complaints Fixed
9 Tips for Healthy Pre-Race Eating
10 Tips for Running Your First Marathon
10 Fitness Challenges Every Canadian Needs to Try
6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Birth Control Pill
Top Health and Fitness Trends for 2014
6 Everyday Headache Triggers
7 Things That Can Ruin Your Teeth
The 7 Best Natural Sweeteners
What is Stevia?
6 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex
6 Things Women Do That Harm Their Health
The Best Time of Day to Take Your Medication
7 Tips to Prevent Foot Odour
9 Places You Forget to Protect with Sunscreen
6 Reasons Why Your Gums Are Bleeding
Lifestyle Changes to Make If You're Lactose Intolerant
8 Surprising Sources of Lactose
8 Signs You Might Be Lactose Intolerant
How Daylight Savings Time Affects Your Health
The Worst Places for Germs
The Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2013
5 Secret Signs You're Stressed
8 Healthy, Lower Calorie Sauces
Are Canadians Addicted to Caffeine?
Are Your Summer Sandals Wreaking Havoc On Your Health?
Eat By the Rainbow
6 Healthy Seeds to Boost Your Nutrition
Vaccinations You May Need as an Adult
The Top Fitness Trends for 2012
How to Break-Up With Your Doctor
Here's a Quick Way to Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet
5 Fun Fitness Ideas for Mom and Baby
Are We Genetically Programmed to Fall in Love?
The Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2011
6 Tips for Softer Skin
Are Long Distance Relationships Healthy?
Virtual Weight Loss: Can You Shed Pounds Online?
The Top 5 Free Health Apps

Canadian Health and Lifestyle Magazine
Heart to Heart (Spring 2015 issue)

Canadian Living Magazine
Stressed Out (September 2015 issue)
Trust Your Gut (March 2015 issue)
Something in the Air (February 2015 issue)
A Dense Diagnosis (October 2014 issue)
It's All In Your Genes (June 2014 issue)
The Pros of Probiotics (May 2014 issue)
Head On: The Latest on Concussions (April 2014 issue)
Mouth Matters (February 2014 issue)
Rise Up  (September 2013 issue)
Conception Misconception (April 2013 issue)
The Truth About Hormones (March 2013 issue)
10 Secrets to a Successful Hospital Stay (May 2012 issue)

Canadian Living.com
4 Body Image Traps to Avoid
5 Foods that Boost Your Gut Health
How to Save Money by Negotiating a Discount
How to Stop Cyberbullying From Ruining Your Life
How to Care for Your Elderly Pet
Packing Guide for the First-Year University Student
What to Say in Difficult Times
How to Be a Good Matchmaker
How to Navigate Adult Cliques
How to Initiate Sex With Your Partner
10 Best Weight Loss Tips
8 Ways to Combat Sadness at the Holidays
Should You and Your Partner Enter into a Cohabitation Agreement?
How to Prevent Back Pain and Avoid Injury When Raking & Shovelling
How to Be a Great Dinner Party Guest
How to Stay Safe During Bad Weather
5 Health Risks to Watch For When You Have Diabetes
How to Use Social Media to Find a Job
What to Do When You've Been Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
8 Social Media Mistakes That Could Damage Your Career
5 Reasons to Try Something New
Must-Have Pet Documents to Bring On Your Vacation
6 Best Wedding Apps to Make Planning Easier
7 Ways to Stay Healthy Aboard a Cruise
Feng Shui Techniques: 6 Ways to Bring Positive Energy... Home
5 Positive Lessons Children Learn from Divorce 
7 Ways to Cope with the Holidays After the Loss of a Loved One
The 6 Best Weight Loss Apps
How to Work From Home
8 Tips on How to Write a Thank You Note
Debunking 5 Weight Loss Myths
Top 6 Fitness Apps
Tinnitus: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Are You Over-Exercising?
7 Ways to Help Your Pet Cope with a Move
How to Make the Perfect Workout Playlist
6 Celebrity Fitness and Diet Trends
Can Sitting Too Long Really Kill You?
5 Diet Trends to Embrace
The 10 Best Slimming Foods
Gift Guide: 3 Tips for Healthy Gift Giving
Photo Gallery: 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment
8 Back-to-School Tips for Parents
4 Quick Foot Fixes
What You Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer
5 Fitness and Diet Tips for Trouble Spots
Is Changing Your Surname After Marriage Right For You?
6 Ways to Pack Fitness Into Your Travel Plans
5 Common Fitness Mistakes & How to Fix Them
Find the Fitness Routine That's Best for You

5 Top Dream Destination to Escape in Fall
Texting Etiquette: The 10 Do's and Don'ts
How to Avoid Getting a Cold on a Plane
Are You At Risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis?
Heavy Purse Syndrome: What Your Bag's Doing to Your Back
What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

Dogs in Canada.com
The Schipperke: Meet the Little Black Devil
All About Corgis
Stuffed Toys Without the Stuff

How Safe is Your V-Day Brazilian Wax?
Bag-teria: Can Your Purse Make You Sick?
Salon Safe: Don't Go to the Nail Salon Without Me

Fuel Inc. Magazine
Got the Write Stuff? It's Time to Get Social

London Free Press
Ten Ways for Kids to Embrace Autumn (newspaper & online)

National Geographic Travel
Canada's Places of a Lifetime: Discovery Islands
Canada's Places of a Lifetime: Georgian Bay
Canada's Places of a Lifetime: L'anse aux Meadows
Canada's Places of a Lifetime: Halifax
Canada's Places of a Lifetime: Niagara Falls
Canada's Places of a Lifetime: Laurentian Mountains

Psychology Today
A Secret Worth Sharing

Reader's Digest Magazine
Air Buds (March 2012 issue)

Reader's Digest.ca
10 Worst Places in Canada For Mosquitoes
5 Things You Need to Know Before Renting Your Home on Airbnb
50 Must-See London Attractions
5 Things You Should Know Before Booking on Airbnb
Your Prescription: Staying the Course (sponsored)
Clear Space
7 Things to Donate This Holiday Season
9 Winning White Elephant Gifts
10 Steps to Outsmarting Cold and Flu Season
The Do's and Don'ts of Donating
10 Over-Indulgent Hotel Perks You Never Knew You Needed
7 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Flying
10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts
10 Best Ice Rinks Around the World
10 Ways to Avoid Being Pickpocketed
10 Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic
10 Reasons to Head to the US for Thanksgiving
10 Great Places to Go Glamping
13 Ways to Avoid Crowds When Travelling
13 Essential Travel Apps
10 Strange, Unusual and Delicious Canadian Delicacies
Canada's 10 Best Victoria Day Celebrations
10 Nearly Extinct Must-See Travel Destinations
10 Real Travel Disasters That Could Happen to You
10 Cheapest Travel Destinations in 2013
Guess the Romantic Movie Destination
How to Start an Online Mom's Support Group
13 Things That Make You Public Enemy #1 on a Plane
10 Places in Canada Every Canadian Needs to Visit in 2013
Top 10 Greatest Hikes in Canada
The 10 Most Romantic Places in Canada
Canada's 13 Coolest Winter Travel Destinations
10 Coldest Places in Canada
10 More Movies You Didn't Know Were Filmed in Canada
10 Famous Movies You Didn't Know Were Filmed in Canada
10 Pop Culture Pups
10 Essential East Coast Experiences
The World's Biggest Things
10 Unique Dog Breeds
Essential Vaccinations for Your Dog and Cat
5 Health Mistakes Men Make
6 Surprising Weight Loss Foods
How to Treat and Prevent Insect Bites This Summer
World's Strangest Tourist Attractions
10 Destinations to Spot Real Monsters
Canada's 10 Biggest Things
Top 10 Dos and Don'ts of Christmas Shopping
13 Things You Didn't Know About Christmas in Canada
13 Unusual Holiday Traditions From Around the World
13 Unusual International Customs You Never Knew Existed
13 Scary Things You Didn't Know About Canada
13 Things You Didn't Know About the World's Greatest Attractions
13 Things You Didn't Know You Could Carry On a Plane
13 Things You Didn't Know About International Laws
13 Things You Didn't Know About Famous Canadian Landmarks
13 Strange US Laws Canadians Should Know
The 10 Sexiest Places on the Planet
World's 10 Sexiest Beaches
World's Most Thrilling Camping Destinations
10 Most Romantic Hotels in the World
10 Magical Reasons to Visit Ireland
10 Coolest Toy Stores in the World
Canada's Most Beautiful Cottage Retreats
10 Greatest Summer Olympic Games
10 Most Infamous Castles
10 Delicious Dining Destinations in Chicago
Top 8 North American Cities for Sports Fans
6 Weird Beauty Tips
8 Unique Tips for Preventing Dry Winter Skin
10 Destinations to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth
10 Death Defying Travel Destinations
Top 10 Most Luxurious Couples' Vacations
10 Most Festive Christmas Cities
10 Sunniest Christmas Vacations

The Script Lab
The Script Lab Talks with Screenwriter Stephen Beresford
Discussing Character Development: An Interview with Stephen Beresford

Top 10 Dog Apps
Top 10 Wedding Movies
Top 10 Wedding Apps

Top 10 Gifts for You
Top 10 Gifts for the Moms in Your Life
Top 10 Fashion Trends for Summer 2011
Top 10 Summer Beach Reads
Top 10 Celebrity Cookbooks
Top 10 Most Memorable Fathers in Entertainment History
Top 10 Favourite Real Housewives of All-Time
Top 10 Celebrity Guests on Project Runway
Top 10 Memorable Moments from Project Runway
Top 10 Reasons to Watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Top 10 Reasons to Watch Brides of Beverly Hills
Top 10 Memorable Clients from Millionaire Matchmaker
Top 10 "Oh No, You Didn't" Moments From the RH of Atlanta
The Toronto Star
Ferris Bueller's Chicago - 25th Anniversary Edition (newspaper & online)
12 Christmas Markets  (newspaper)

The Toronto Sun 
Homage and Haggis (newspaper & online)
Exposing Seven Summer Myths (newspaper & online)
Get Into the Groove  (newspaper & online)
Thanksgiving Travel Dos and Don'ts (newspaper & online)
Halloween Safety for Kids (newspaper & online)

USA Today
5 Must-Binge Movies Set in London

Vervegirl Magazine
Start Your Own Biz (magazine cover mention)
Beat the Holiday Blues Staycation Style (magazine cover mention)

Bye Bye, Camera Shy
Making the Grade by Eating Right
Challenges of Being a Writer
Perks of Being a Writer
Prepping for Back to School
Conquering the Back to School Blues
Beating the Back to School Jitters
Facing Rejection
Turn the Tables on Rejection
Putting Bad Eating Habits on Ice
Get Moving and Snoozing to Good Health
A Different Kind of Model
Model Actresses
Supermodel Canadians
Spice Up Your Life
A Prom Date to Gossip About